“Think Like An NFL Football Team Owner: Plan The 2015 Season”

By:  Rick Caro

Rick CaroMany of you are pro football fans and support a local team. My apologies to Angel and Willy Banos, who have been without a home team for too long. Others of you are Fantasy Football fanatics. Our Canadian neighbors have their own Football League. We recognize that an NFL team owner has a few practice games and then a 16-game season to qualify for the play-offs.

The preparation and planning for that season is analogous to what each Gold’s Gym owner should go through to plan for success. It starts with a review of the senior executive staff (the Head Coach and Key Offensive and Defensive Coordinators). It is critical to have the right leadership in place. A review of the physical plant and equipment (i.e. the stadium, the parking lot, the concession stands, the bathrooms, the seats) to maximize the member experience. Then, the owner has to review his financial resources to be able to operate for the season. Then, the rest of the coaching staff is reviewed and trained (the Assistant Coaches, scouts, videotape analysts, trainers, medical staff, etc.). Pricing is reviewed and changed (including all types of pricing–tickets, parking, concessions, programs, sponsorships, executive suites, special events and rentals). Marketing and sales are then studied to sell seasonal tickets, limited game packages, individual games, etc. Systems are studied and how they impact the customer from security to check-in to ushering to one’s seats to concession purchase, etc. Maintenance and housekeeping functions need to be thoroughly examined, especially with respect to restrooms.

Finally, clubs need to create playbooks for each of their regular 16-game opponents, with equal attention to both offense and defense. This is analogous to a Gold’s Gym 12-month detailed budget with written back-up assumptions. Obviously, it is not a re-hash of 2014 as the opponents change, the marketplace has changed and all of the above considerations need to be taken into effect.

The webinar on Thursday, January 15th at 1PM (EST) will help prepare you to succeed in 2015 and make you eligible for your own Super Bowl.

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