“Sustaining the Momentum”

Dave KenyonBy:  Dave Kenyon, Gold’s Gym Owner
Dutchess County (Hudson Valley), NY

Its funny and a little scary how quickly time goes by. We were just planning the Gold’s Gym Challenge and here we are finishing it up and getting ready for National Judging. I feel that the business has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. With social media, events and competition from other health clubs, it seems as if there is always something happening that demands our attention. So how do we keep things even and consistent throughout the year?

One way is to try and keep the momentum of the Gold’s Gym Challenge going for as long as you can. There is so much excitement with the Challenge that it’s easy to get everyone on board and be successful. So when it’s over the real challenge starts to find something to keep that spirit alive and well in your club.

Be creative and find ways to keep your members engaged with their results from the Challenge as well as providing alternative programs or options for them to continue their journey. We hold a summer shape – up program that starts at the end of the Challenge and runs up to the 4th of July. It’s a simple concept of continuing the Challenge without pictures. So we keep the age and gender categories the same and award prizes for people who change the measurements and weight the most.

Another way is to reward people for keeping their weight and measurements the same or better for a period of time after the challenge. For example let all of your Challenge participants know that they will get a prize or some sort of recognition for staying the same or improving until August 1st or whatever date you feel is appropriate. You can take this concept one step further and create a wall of fame, where you can put up members who have had success. This can be done year round and again you can be creative with this also and have a member of the month featured for their outstanding results or efforts in the club. You have also created a place for your sales people to stop and highlight some of the things that a member can achieve while working out here. An instant marketing tool that you pay nothing for. These things can help create lifelong exercisers as well as keep loyalty to your club as you are rewarding the habits and consistency that people need to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

All of these things can be run by employees other than the management team. Getting employees involved with programs like this helps to create excitement because if it’s theirs, they will talk it up and create the buzz just like they did for the Challenge. So let your staff lose and have them take some of your work and watch as they make magic happen all year round.


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