“3 Ways to Leverage Tablets to Sign Up New Members” By: Jason Abucejo, ASF Payment Solutions

We live in an increasingly mobile world. With the introduction of tablets, activity trackers, and smarter smartphones, it’s easy to be able to connect with anybody or anything around us. Tablets, in particular have made it easier for people in service industries, such as gym management to instantly reach the audience they want and sign them up for club offerings outside of where they do business. If you’re a gym owner, there’s a good chance that investing in a Tablet and leveraging it outside your gym can lead to new memberships and increased club exposure.

Let’s look at three ways to leverage a tablet to sign up new members and to bring new business to your gym.

Outdoor Events and Conferences

Outdoor events, such as food, music, and cultural festivals, are some of the best ways to move your gym outside its four walls and encourage prospects to try out your club, and even join it. By using a tablet, you can offer a special discount for joining, upsell group exercise programs at your gym, and get your name out there to those who may not know you exist. These types of outdoor events and conferences bring out a wide range of community members who may be looking for a change in their fitness plan and are willing stop at your booth to talk about it. They aren’t expecting a gym to be at these types of events, which makes you stand out among the theme of the event, or conference and in turn gets more people to stop by and see what you’re all about.

Marathons, Triathlons and Sports Events

Athletic events, such as marathons and triathlons are a great way to compete for memberships as others are competing to better themselves. Many gyms not only set up booths at these events, they also sponsor teams, which will bring brand recognition to those participating and attending the event. By setting up a booth for your gym and using a tablet, you can offer community or neighborhood discounts to try out your gym. By signing them up right then and there, you can encourage a healthy lifestyle of fitness while boosting your gym membership within the community.

Boot Camps

Promoting and offering boot camps outside your club for members and prospects can become a public venue that also attracts people observing the camp. By having a tablet on hand, you can quickly sign up new members that are trying out the boot camp for the first time, and encourage observers to sign up for classes. These events are great for offering higher-level functional training classes at your gym that may be more appealing to the demographic at these types of events. It is also appealing to those participants who may be looking for a new gym that is better suited for their fitness needs.


Tablets, and other mobile devices are changing the way gyms are doing business. By having instant access to signups, classes, free trials and other information about your gym, you can sell memberships “on the go,” where you have an opportunity to talk about your gym and present the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Jason Abucejo_headshot


Jason Abucejo
Manager of Sales 
ASF Payment Solutions

Before joining ASF in 2007, Jason worked in sales for almost 20 years including retail, where he managed multi-unit stores in the entertainment industry. After some time as a Senior Sales Executive at ASF, Jason was promoted to Manager of Sales and has been responsible for establishing partnerships with many high-end accounts. Through his responsibilities and travels for ASF, Jason has visited literally thousands of facilities getting to know more about their operations, business trends and training philosophies.


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