Relationships Are the Foundation of This Business

Ginger CollinsHello Everyone;

As we have just wrapped up another Owners’ Conference, we are involved in all the activities that follow.  Our Executive and Advisory Board Members know what it takes for the association to plan and host the OC, from setting the dates, selecting a host location and committing to it, then planning all the details of the event lineup.  Now the GGFA is immersed in planning the programs and events for the coming year to bring relevant and useful information and opportunities to all of you.  Commitment and consistency are important to us to be able to provide GGFA Members with the resources you need to thrive.

Our SPN community is a big part of the support that makes everything possible for our members.  Many of them have been a part of the GGFA since the SPN was created in 2008.  We value all of the relationships that we have with our SPN Partners.  In addition to supporting association programs and participating in GGFA events, they are a great resource for the educational content that the GGFA Institute provides.

In 2014 we created the Premium Club and invited our SPN member community to consider participating.  It is limited to five suppliers who are Gold Level members.  They must be in the SPN for at least 3 years to be considered, and their club status runs from January through December.

Please join us in recognizing our SPN Premium Club partners and read what they have to share about being part of the GGFA.

Ginger Collins
GGFA Executive Director


ASF logoSince becoming a Gold Level Member of the SPN in 2008 and also the SPN Premium Club since 2014, our partnership and relationship with GGFA has continued to grow. Working alongside everyone at GGFA, as well as the owners has allowed us to listen and collaborate on ideas for making our partnership mutually beneficial. Each and every person involved has welcomed the ASF team like family. This speaks to the character of GGFA and the owners. Personally, I have created not only several great business relationships, but have also developed several personal ones. I am proud to call GGFA, the owners and team members my friends and family. We continue to look forward to supporting the GGFA, its clubs, and the individual owners. ASF is proud to be part of such a great partnership.”

Jason Abucejo
Sales Manager
ASF Payment Solutions


On behalf of Europa Sports Products we are truly appreciative of the GGFA relationship and the opportunities which have been created through being a Premium Club Partner.  

Europa has experienced an ample amount of change this year:  Channel reorganization, Europa & Lonestar merging, and company realignment which was all done to better serve our partners like Gold’s Gym.  As it goes with any major change there are always challenges.  Without partnerships like the one with the GGFA, all those changes and challenges are in vain.  With that we are very proud to introduce two members of the Europa team which many of you know and hopefully all will come to enjoy:  David Lee (Senior Account Rep) and Tonya Tarlton (Senior Franchise Lead).  Both of these individuals are some of the best and hardest working employees Europa has ever had.  They will bring with them an operational tempo and passion for this business that many may have never been exposed too.  With their help we’ll look forward to continuing the support and relationship with Gold’s Gym for many more years.”

Justin Weeks
Director of Sales – Charlotte, NC
Europa Sports Products

fitness underwriters logoFitness Underwriters remains a dedicated supporter of the GGFA and continues to look for ways to expand our support year after year.  We are reminded how special this group is every time we get together and hear members sharing stories.  The theme always seems to be one of collaborative efforts and of GGFA members going out of their way to help one another.  There is no other organization that we’ve seen who is able to make everyone – even the suppliers – feel like part of the family.  The entire team at Fitness Underwriters feels fortunate to be a part of the GGFA family and we truly appreciate our continued partnership.”

Phil Borner
Business Insurance Consultant
Fitness Underwriters


Les Mills main logo BlackFor more than a decade, GGFA has played an important role in supporting the relationships between Les Mills and Gold’s Gym owners and operators. We appreciate our partnership and all of the opportunities GGFA has provided to strengthen our connections with franchisee partners.”

Erin Kelly
Vice President of Key Accounts
Les Mills – US



“The GGFA is an incredible organization bringing great value to not only the Gold’s Gym franchisees, but also to their supplier network. Matrix is proud to call the GGFA a partner, and appreciative to also be able to call Gold’s Gym our friends.”

Kent Stevens
Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales
Matrix Fitness

The GGFA is such an important organization to be part of and plugged in to so members and suppliers can be informed.  It is amazing to see the growth of the GGFA and involvement of all the Franchisees.  I cannot think of a better way to support the brand and be part of the educational process.  Matrix values the GGFA relationship deeply and appreciates all the opportunities that it brings.”

Seth Robinson
Strategic Account Manager
Matrix Fitness



About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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