“3 WAYS TO GENERATE REVENUE FROM EVENT SPONSORSHIPS” By: Sean Kirby Vice President, Client Relations ASF Payment Solutions

ASF logoEveryone knows a great way for gym management to market and promote their club is through sponsorship of events and member participation. Sponsoring events in your area is an effective marketing technique that positions your gym as a health fitness leader. However, there are also ways to generate additional revenue through such sponsorships.

  1. Sponsor an Event

Depending on where your gym is located, you may find a variety of events in your area to sponsor, and promote. These can include marathons, charity walks or runs, yoga and more. As a leader in your community, set up a booth at the event with information and free give-a-ways for participants to take with them. Have staff on hand to answer questions, gather prospect information and even sign participants up using products like ASF’s My Enrollment.Obsticle Course Pic.jpg

  1. Create a training program

After you’ve educated members of upcoming events create training programs, either one-on-one or group sessions that are customized towards participating in that event.  You can organize workouts inside and outside of the gym depending on the type of event their training for. Even if a member isn’t going to participate in the event, they can still take advantage of these trainings as if they were going to do the event. Group trainings for an event can be at unique locations like a park or a public stadium. For example, in the Denver area there is an event called “Run the Rocks” held at the Red Rocks Amphitheater and people train by running the steps at the venue. These trainings are motivational and create greater interaction amongst your members, not to mention additional training revenue.

  1. Sponsor a team

Create anticipation for an upcoming event within your club, even if you’re not a sponsor. Offer opportunities for members to engage in training programs to participate as a team member from your club. Dress your members in club logo wear and even include club shirts customized for the event. You can create additional training revenue from these members, as well as increase brand marketing when people see a wave of members wearing your club logo at the event.


By sponsoring events you’re not only creating awareness by marketing your club, you’re also increasing revenue through PT and group training of the members who wish to participate. Moreover, you’re creating an opportunity to increase gym membership by signing up prospects at the event.



Sean Kirby
Vice President, Client Relations
ASF Payment Solutions

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Sean started in the fitness industry as Manager of the Marina Club in San Francisco, ASF’s test facility. Sean learned first hand the challenges of running a health club.  By continuing his career with ASF, Sean has had positions as a New Accounts Executive and National Sales Director, and currently serves as Vice President of Client Relations. He’s been directly involved in the development of ASF’s scheduling software and integration programs with partner companies. For the past eight years Sean has served on several boards including Fitness Industry Suppliers Association, FISA East and FISA West and VIP Networking Events. Additionally, he works closely with the Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association and the National Fitness Business Alliance.

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The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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