2016 Good Deeds

Ginger CollinsAs we get ready to welcome the New Year, we would like to continue our GGFA tradition by taking this opportunity to share some of the extraordinary things that some of our franchisees and suppliers have been doing in their communities. We wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

Ginger Collins
GGFA Executive Director

Gold’s Gym Dutchess County, NY

-Miles of Hope: Each October, we support the local organization Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation. This year we sold staff pink t-shirts, had a special pink shake, and did a Personal Training raffle where the proceeds went to the organization. We raised over $1,000 for the organization this year.
-Adopt-A-Family: During the Holidays, we partner with the local organization, Family Services, to adopt a local family in need. The staff purchases gifts and items the family needs to help make the holiday bright for them!
– Angels of Light: Also during the Holidays, we place giving trees in our lobbies, courtesy of the organization Angels of Light. Members choose an ornament off the tree, purchase the gift, and place it back wrapped under the tree for the organization to give to the family in need.
-Veterans Wall: During the month leading up to Veterans Day, we place a Wall of Honor in our lobbies to honor all of the staff and members that are Veterans and Active Service members. We invite them to bring in photos to be placed proudly on display.
-BetterU: Every year we partner with the American Heart Association Go Red for Women BetterU campaign and provide memberships and personal training to 13 women in the community needing to make a healthy lifestyle change. This year was immensely successful with a great group of women who saw amazing results!

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Gold’s Gym Utah

I Give, Gold’s Gym Gives: October 3rd – November 2nd, every time a member attended any GGX class (including TRX, GFIT, & Water Aerobics) we donated $1 to the Susan G. Komen Utah Foundation. The instructors gave members a donation tag to write their name on. The GGX room had a table in the back with both Sharpies and tape to write their name and hang up the tags, as well as information on the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Breast Cancer. At the end of this program (Nov. 2nd) we had a Susan G. Komen representative at the Layton location to receive a large check for over $4,136.25. We also gave away FREE Gold’s Gym themed Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts to anyone who donated $10 towards Susan G. Komen at the front desk of each location. In addition, every GGX Launch class during October had a PINK BCA theme and the instructor read daily Breast Cancer stats to help increase awareness for the disease.
The Gift of Fitness: October 15th – December 14th we will be accepting nominations for 50 FREE memberships that will be given to local (Weber /Davis County) residents who would benefit from a 1-year membership to Gold’s Gym. We are thrilled to continue the tradition of hosting our annual Gift of Fitness program membership giving away (50) 1-year memberships to local residents deserving of a free year. Anyone (including employees) can nominate someone who would benefit from a free 1 year membership, then nominate them by visiting www.goldsgym.com/utah . We will call the winning nominees the week of Christmas to help make their holiday season. Every year many of the winners are overjoyed to the point of tears, not only from winning the free membership but because someone thought highly enough of them to nominate the recipient for the gift of fitness.
Utah Food Bank Food DriveNovember 15 – December 24th we will have Utah Food Bank Food Bins located at each facility where our patrons can donate any canned or non-perishable food items to be given to local chapters of the Utah Food Bank.
Sub For Santa: November 7th – December 24th we will have a Sub For Santa Christmas Tree and donation box at every facility for patrons to help us collect gifts for local families in need. Last year, with the help of our members, we were able to provide Christmas presents for more than 120 children and 50 local families. All gifts and donations are sent to the Utah DCFS to be distributed to local families in need.   

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Precor Logo

I want to share one of my favorite Precor stories.  It is a story about patriotism at Precor.
Approximately 350 ships comprise the Navy Fleet ranging from Trident submarines to awe-inspiring aircraft carriers.  Every cubic inch of space is valuable even on the largest floating fortresses and you will see fitness equipment crammed into the most unlikely of places onboard every one of these ships.  You see, fitness is deemed “mission essential” by Navy Command and the equipment is used around the clock.  Since the introduction of the EFX, the Navy Fleet has been buying our ellipticals for inclusion in their onboard fitness programs.  The only ellipticals available for years were built on large, welded, one-piece frames.  To get these EFX’s wedged into their desired locations, many had to be completely disassembled, cut into pieces and then welded back together.  The Navy has some of the best welders in the world, but let’s face it, this installation procedure was less than ideal for boosting sales.
About 15 years ago, I convinced senior management that an opportunity existed.  If we designed an EFX that could be disassembled to fit through a 23” hatch, then we would sell more units.  Thousands of units later, this ongoing program can be deemed a success.
During one of my visits to Precor corporate about ten years ago, the product manager who had helped me realize my Navy EFX dream had the terrific idea that I should visit the production team that was building the Navy EFX’s at the time.  Her idea led to one of the most rewarding and heartwarming experiences I have ever had while at work.
At that time, EFX’s were manufactured in “cells”, which were simply small teams of people focused on building one specific model of equipment.  The Navy EFX’s product manager’s idea was for me to visit production, meet the team manufacturing the Navy units and tell them about their model’s usage onboard the ships.  Well, as it turned out, this team was way ahead of me!
I was introduced to the 30 or so members of the team.  They consisted of about 20 Cambodian women who were recent immigrants, with the remaining ten workers being a mix of other nationalities and genders.  I thanked them for their help in making a personal dream of mine come true.  I told stories about how their Navy EFX’s were used and my impression of what I thought the lonely and dedicated life onboard ship was like for our sailors.  I talked about the young men and women who improved their health and found a temporary escape from their important missions while using the equipment that they built.  And as I said goodbye, I told them that I would like to humbly represent the sailors and thank them for their efforts.  The cell’s manager took me aside and told me that, without provocation from anyone, the women in this cell had taken it upon themselves to write notes inside the boxes in which these units would be shipped.  He told me that they wrote things like, “God Bless America”, and “We love you”.  “Come home safe!” and “Thank you for protecting us.”  I have not been this proud or moved in a long, long time…and still am.  (You know, sometimes we need to try to look at our wonderful Country through the eyes of a recent immigrant to break out of our complacency.)

Frank Palmer
Precor, GSA sales Director

2016 epsilon logo trans.png

A BIG United Way THANK YOU! It’s because of your generosity and caring for our community that this year’s United Way campaign was a success. Epsilon associates together have raised over $76,900 and with the Company match that’s over $153,900 for United Way!
Epsilon is now in the midst of a Toy Drive collecting new unwrapped toys.


Festival of Stars Toy and Donation
This is the 5th year we’ve teamed up with Arkansas Children’s Hospital to raise money and donate gifts to make the holidays a little brighter. From individual gifts for patients to gifts for the families of loved ones who are spending their Christmas in the hospital, we collect and donate each year.
Blankets of Love
We’ve partnered with a local gym, 10 Fitness, to hand out blankets to those in need during the holidays. While 10 Fitness allows the homeless to shower at their facility, we are also there to hand out blankets to those that come to take advantage of a warm shower on a cold day.

Gold’s Gym Stuart, FL

In August, we held a school supplies drive with all donations going to the Boys and Girls Club of Martin County.
Currently, we are holding a raffle to win a paddle board donated by the Flying Fish Paddle Sports with all proceeds going towards The Willow House, a safe place for girls. This is a little statement from their website:
The Willow House is a faith-based, specialized and therapeutic residential home for young at-risk girls who have been victims of abusive circumstances. Our emphasis is to build their self-esteem and lead them to believe and truly understand that they are worthy in the eyes of their Creator.
In 2015, Gold’s Gym of Stuart was the #1 donor towards the Salvation Army Angel Tree and this year we are sponsoring 200 children, which is more than last year! 🙂
We also donated several gift certificates throughout the year to different schools, sports teams, and events happening in our community.

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LF_Primary_Logo_No Tag_186.png

The employees at Life Fitness Headquarters in Rosemont, IL gather on a monthly basis to help at the Franciscan Outreach Marquard Center Community Café to serve more than 100 hot meals to those in need.    https://www.franoutreach.org/get-involved/

ASF logo

ASF Payment Solutions is a proud sponsor and supporter of Metro Denver Partners. This dynamic organization empowers at-risk youth through one-on-one mentoring and gang-intervention. MDP supports positive role-modeling and relationship development, which strengthens youth, their families and entire communities.
During the holidays ASF supports the delivery of food packages to families; helps to provide mentoring and advocacy; and also for youth to attend holiday events and activities, such as Christmas parades, theater, ice-skating and more.



About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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