“How Does the Trump Presidency Impact the Club Industry?” By: Rick Caro

All of us found the recent U.S. Presidential election process too long, much too negative and — in many cases — too emotional. However, there are a wide assortment of lessons that we can learn and apply going forward in the club industry.

We need to put aside our party affiliations (or in my case, my label as an “independent”). What we can agree to is that the media had difficulty interpreting the campaigns along the way and the pollsters got it all wrong. Now, new research has been done on Wall Street and words of guarded optimism, challenging and different times, and worried transitory periods are ahead. Trump pronouncements, a Republican party not perfectly in sync and new appointees from a set of unusual backgrounds are all being studied.

The lessons from the Trump victory should remind us that the club industry is a numbers game to be a winner. Simplified themes work, especially if they can resonate with the targeted audience. Spending your marketing dollars wisely is key. Selling your own story over and over works, especially if broken down into simplistic terms. The need to be interesting is paramount. Obviously, understanding a club’s strengths locally and then capitalizing on them is the goal. Getting others to tell your story and developing conversations locally are ideal key steps. Then, tracking goals becomes a necessary step. But, the real message is to commit to regular changes.

Separate from the lessons the Trump election has taught us, the challenge is to anticipate what the future will look like with a Trump Presidency and a Republican Congress. Specifically, the focus is on what this all means to the club industry. Actions will be studied given all of the previous rhetoric to determine what changes will really occur. Some of the areas of focus will be: Obamacare, inflation, interest rates, taxes, regulations, private equity, capital expenditure costs, U.S. growth rate, State laws and unemployment. All will be reviewed in the upcoming webinar on January 18th. Twenty seventeen will be a truly different year ahead.

Rick Caro

Rick Caro
President of Management Vision, Inc.,
GGFA Think Tank Panel Expert


About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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