Gold’s Gym Challenge Message By: Dave Kenyon, Challenge Chairman


Dave Kenyon

Hello everyone,

All of your Challengers should be on their way and things should be “buzzing” in your clubs. There should be lots of members walking around with their Challenge shirts on, working out a little harder and a little longer to make changes.

Make good use of the different offerings that our sponsors have given us, as every tool will help our members make changes.

One of the tools is social media and the new “Document Your Journey”. This is a great addition to the Challenge as it brings technology into it and gets members to see each other’s progress and struggles. Nothing is better than knowing you are not alone in your pursuit of improvement. This makes the journey more tolerable for all involved as they see others going through the same things they are. The other great thing about the “Document Your Journey” campaign is that is keeps more people from quitting as they see how others are dealing with the exact same things as them and not giving up.

All of the other tools are helping also, as I see people with their Mio watches on, as well as utilizing the great products from Gambia.  Thank you to all the vendors involved this year! I’m hearing and seeing very good things.

This is our time to shine! Show them how good you are; get them involved in the club. This is who we are and what we do, Changing People’s Lives!!

Ya’ll are killing it!! Sorry that was Ginger coming out a bit.

Keep it up and stay tuned for more.

Thank you,

Dave Kenyon, Challenge Chairman




About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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One Response to Gold’s Gym Challenge Message By: Dave Kenyon, Challenge Chairman

  1. Jason Jaquays-Tarbox says:

    Hi Dave! I’m wondering if there could be a short video or FAQ sheet created regarding the Document Your Journey contest? Because it’s new, members have a lot of questions about how to participate that we do our best to answer in the club. It would be great to have an easy resource to include in our weekly Challenger email newsletters!

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