“IHRSA Will Be Next Week In Los Angeles and It’s Going To Be Great !” By: Bryan O’Rourke

imgThe many benefits of attending IHRSA, outside of GGFA’s awesome reception of course, include connecting with colleagues, seeing friends, meeting vendor partners, hearing great speakers and learning about the latest and greatest trends and exciting ideas that the health club industry is pursuing today.  For #IHRSA2017, this year in Los Angeles from March 8-11th, it’s going to be even better.

First check out the keynote speakers including Seth Mattison, Martin Lindstrom , Johnny Earle , and Soraya Dorabi . From brand marketing to technology and creating great experiences, these folks understand a lot and will be sharing valuable insights with all of us. There are also going to be some great educators and presenters from within our industry space (please consider attending my networking and technology roundtable on Thursday from 11:30 am – 12:45 pm, or you can attend one of my multimedia presentations Thursday afternoon from  3:30 – 4:30 pm or Friday morning at 7:40 am). Some great folks are going to be sharing details about how to, what to, and why to regarding everything in the health club industry.

Second, see the array of vendors available for you to peruse and explore, offering everything from new classes, different and innovative equipment, cool technologies and a host of other items and services to make your club become even better. This year there are more vendors than ever, so no matter what you’re interested in seeing or learning about, it’s at #IHRSA2017.

Third, check out the Industry Leadership Council (“ILC”) meetings at IHRSA this year. You may want to contact Meredith Poppler of IHRSA about it in advance. The PHIT ACT has a shot at passing this year, which I recently wrote about, and the ILC along with other organizations are behind this legislation. The meeting can fill you in on how gym memberships being tax deductible could be a huge windfall for us all. Get behind the #PHITACT so we can #PASSPHIT.

Finally, the GGFA hosts a cocktail reception for its franchisee members and as an appreciation celebration for its supplier members.  This is one event I love attending and really enjoy seeing all of you and sharing our love for the Gold’s brand and for the industry.

On a final note, of course we all support the Bash for Augie’s Quest to fight ALS which will be Friday evening at 6, and I know many of us will be there. What a great and important cause to support.

So what are you looking forward to at #IHRSA2017? If you need to see me there to catch up just tweet @bryankorourke and I’ll connect with you. Safe travels to LA and we’ll see you there!

unnamed-3Bryan O’Rourke is an executive, advisor, keynote speaker, author and investor, who has successfully consulted to and driven global brands for over 30 years. He is widely published and quoted in periodicals like Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and is CSO of a well-known Houston based health club chain. Join him at the IHRSA 2017 convention in Los Angeles March 9th and 10th where he will be presenting on the fitness and health club industry. Bryan along with the Fitness Industry Technology Council support the Fitness + Technology Podcast . Check it out today. He and his partners launched Vedere Ventures, a boutique private equity firm in 2016 . Get his recent book, 9 Partnership Principles, written with his partner Robert Dyer and other top fitness industry leaders. To learn more visit bryankorourke.com or follow him @bryankorourke .


About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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