“Joining a Gym is About More Than Just Going to the Gym” By: Christie McPherson, ASF Payment Solutions

MemberSocial.jpgWhy do people go to the gym? Club members may go hoping to lose a few pounds or get in better shape, but being with like-minded, goal oriented people helps to propel those members towards a bigger and healthier picture of themselves. With increased attendance, these infrequent members meet more people, make friends, learn to develop better workout habits and most importantly, educate themselves to drop bad habits. They not only learn more about improving their workouts, but also educate themselves about nutrition and how the appropriate activity and diet can improve their lives.

The gym is also a state of mind, a refuge, and a social club. The gym is what you and your members make it. Let’s delve into the philosophy of going to the gym as motivation and encouragement to keep your members wanting more, and to attract new members through the culture and brand you want to convey.

The gym is about commitment

When prospects join a gym, they’re not assigned a number and receive a t-shirt. They’re making a commitment towards changing their lives for the better. It’s natural for clubs to push members outside their comfort zone and give them the ability to try new challenges. Your club should create an environment where members feel safe. Having early club engagment by introducing them to other members, you help them interact and join the social atmosphere of your club. This also helps to eliminate preconceived insecurities that members may have about joining a gym in the first place. All of this will ultimately lead to a member’s better health and greater self-esteem.

The gym is a lifestyle with benefits

Gym members eventually learn that fitness is a lifestyle choice, and not a quick fix. If they start to feel better, see results, get stronger and “buy-into” a healthier lifestyle, it will benefit other areas of a member’s life as well. Improving your level of fitness makes everything easier including simple tasks like carrying groceries, climbing stairs, or enduring a long walk, or hike with friends and family. These people tend to have a more positive outlook; manage stress better; have more energy; and generally feel better.

Gaining muscle and losing fat are not the only reasons people join gyms. Many people join for the fun and social interaction it gives them. People join gyms to form friendships through classes, group training sessions playing racquetball together, or just general workouts. If members look to their gym as a fun experience, they no longer consider their workout routine an arduous chore. When the experience is fun, your members will participate more often and retention becomes less of an issue for your club.


In the end, the gym is what you make it, and you should encourage potential members to join your gym for whatever reason they choose, but encourage engagement and fun. The idea that potential members can use your gym to get in shape; get their favorite smoothie; take part in a variety of classes; build comradery and friendships should be communicated upfront, not only to increase your gym enrollment, but to make it a fun and rewarding place to work for you and your team.


Christie McPherson
Client Training Manager

ASF logoChristie McPherson has been with ASF Payment Solutions for 15 years as a client training manager and focuses on providing the best systems training in the business. Product development and system quality assurance are also an integral part of her responsibilities at ASF. She enjoys working with a staff that genuinely cares about helping clients grow their businesses and is happy to promote teamwork, fitness and a healthy lifestyle, which fits her core values as a certified Schwinn cycle instructor.


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