“2017 Gold’s Gym Challenge – May Update” By: Dave Kenyon


Jane Smith walks into Gold’s Gym on January 4th 2017. She is frustrated with how she looks and feels and wants to get “back” in shape right away; sound familiar? This scenario happens almost daily in all of our gyms, and Jane Smith is the reason most of us got into the fitness business in the first place; to help people just like her.

On a side note, everyone should have a very real and applicable process to get Jane where she wants to be. That is what we do, and the basis of how we can grow. Helping people change themselves, physically and mentally, is our bread and butter. It should be the easiest thing about our business, and we should be the best in the world at it. Not to preach at you but take a very honest look at your process, or better yet, have someone secret shop your club and give you real feedback on how good you are. This can be scary, but I promise you, from experience, it will make you better and you will grow.

So, back to Jane, she buys a membership and is told about the Gold’s Gym Challenge. She decides that is exactly what she needs and signs up for the next flight. We take over from there and guide her over the next 12 weeks and help her as much as we possibly can, within reason, on her journey. The community and friendships she creates over the course of her 12 weeks are part of the reason she is successful on her journey. On her final weigh-in and measurement date, she is thrilled with her results and can’t wait to tell everyone she knows about it. She leaves the club and immediately posts on social media all about how great she looks and feels and how Gold’s Gym has changed her life.

Of course this story has a happy ending, as you would expect. As Jane is a raving fan of Gold’s Gym because of her experience with the Gold’ Gym Challenge.

I trust this exact scene is playing out across all of the Gold’s Gyms that are participating in the Challenge and the reason that we are indeed the best gym in the world.

Dave Kenyon


Dave Kenyon
Gold’s Gym Challenge Chairman, Gold’s Gym Dutchess County


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