“In Our Business, “F” is for Failure” By: Bill Jackson, VP of Sales and Business Development, First Credit Services

bbb fI must admit, I am a little taken aback when I see a business operating in today’s “all access” world with a sub-par Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Reputation Management matters, and it all starts with the good old BBB.  I recently conducted an online review to see how we ranked in comparison to our “Collection Agency” competitors, and I was absolutely amazed at what I uncovered. I honestly thought I would find some B’s and C’s, but to see several collection agencies operating with an F-Rating really did surprise me, but also solidified my confidence in how we serve members here.

We operate in the Health & Fitness Market where the overall MEMBER EXPERIENCE is the single most important aspect of doing business, and for a collection agency to simply ignore what we feel is so important is unsettling.  Maintaining an acceptable BBB Rating is not a very difficult thing to do, so I am wondering why so many agencies would simply ignore all of the complaints and concerns filed by gym members.

As a Member of the GGFA Supplier Partnership Network, it is our responsibility to maintain a professional handling of all gym members, and the GGFA does an amazing job of vetting the suppliers lucky enough to be part of the Association’s SPN. So take advantage of the hard work the GGFA Team does in finding the best suppliers in the industry.

Think about it, if the agency is failing to deliver on their duties, then the members will get increasingly frustrated with the agency’s lack of communication, and the member will ultimately complain to the gym staff and voice their concerns to other members or go online to file complaints. These unaddressed issues will likely escalate, which will ultimately hurt your reputation and business. Honestly, this is the agency’s responsibility to handle, and these complaints should never be thrown back at the gym operator to handle. A reputable partner will handle these issues promptly, so they should not have any impact on your business.

A gym’s reputation depends on how their partners treat members, so if your partner is in contact with your members, do some extra due-diligence to get a better understanding of how this interaction may affect your reputation.

Bill Jackson

Bill Jackson
Vice President of Sales and Business Development,
First Credit Services

First+Credit+Services+resized 2.13.15

First Credit Services, Inc. was recently selected as a “WINNER Best Call Centers to Work For 2017” marking it the 4th year in a row being recognized with this distinct honor from insideARM (2014-2017). The program celebrates excellence among call center work environments in Care, Collections, and
Outsourcing. The award program is designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best places of employment in the call center industry. This award makes a positive impact on First Credit‘s ability to recruit and hire a very strong work force as we continue to expand our product offerings to our valued clients and partners.

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