“How to Use Social Media to Build Gym Membership this Fall” By: Angela Walker, ASF Payment Solutions

Legs of an unrecognizable runner.Social media is a powerful marketing tool for all industries, but for the fitness industry it can gain audience engagement and gym memberships by inspiring and building community. The goal of any post on social media should be to connect, inform and engage with your gym members and future gym members. Here are some tips for incorporating social media into your fall gym membership marketing.

Which Social Channels Should You Use

The first step in using social media to build gym memberships starts with determining which social networks are right for your club. Typically, B2C or business to consumer industries like gyms or health clubs should put their time into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat.

Facebook is a great place to showcase any blogs or videos that you would like to share, or class updates and gym class changes. Twitter is a favorite channel for quick connections with your members and influencers. And like Instagram, it’s the perfect platform to tweet fun images of your gym classes, new equipment or a meme.

If you already have a Pinterest account, you can build on that by re-purposing those images to your boards. However, if you are not currently on Pinterest, it’s not a good way to spend your time. LinkedIn is a solid business presence to have, but again, your potential gym members and current members are not looking to find class schedules or announcements of a new star trainer on LinkedIN. Instead, leverage LinkedIN as a resource for running your business. Look for the latest technology in gym management software or trends in fitness.

What Type of Content to Share and How Often 

Treat Facebook like a cocktail party. About 80 percent of what you share should be something that benefits your members and 20% should be bragging about your services. For instance, share your blog once a week and the other content should be a mixture of images, tips on HIIT classes, recipes, healthy eating…you get the picture. And speaking of picture, Instagram and Snapchat should be where you share those videos and images you have been taking at your club.

Encourage your members to share their fitness challenges, wins and experiences. It can be a great way to build club community. Many people are apprehensive about joining a gym, and hearing from others with similar fitness challenges and solutions can be both inspiring and encouraging.

What Type of Promotions to Run

If you plan on running any specials or promoting a class, spend the money on Facebook to boost that type of content. Facebook and Instagram offer ways to target these ads to the demographic you are trying to reach such as city, age, sex and interests.  For instance, if your gym is mostly female and your gym is in Denver, you can target that audience and those demographics for as little as five bucks.

Social media is an integral tool to connecting with your members and boosting memberships. Get creative and don’t sweat trying new ways to reach new customers.

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