“20 Years of Transformations & Inspirations: The Gold’s Gym Challenge is our Tradition” By: Dave Kenyon, Challenge Chairman


Hi Gold’s Gym Owners and Team Leaders!
We want to congratulate all the member contestants who participated in the 2018 Gold’s Gym Challenge!  They are all winners, for making the decision to join the Challenge, the commitment to see it through, and the courage to finish!  This program which started in 1998, celebrates 20 years of changing peoples’ lives through commitment, support and encouragement.  You and your staff are a big part of this by teaching and training members how to change their mind, their lifestyle and improve their health and fitness.
This week, owners and corporate staff are informing their winners at the local level.  Watch for a national Press Release to come out next week from Gold’s Gym corporate, with a full list of the national winners, and the top male and female champions!
I wrote this message to our members at Gold’s Gym Dutchess County, NY yesterday, and I invite you to share it with yours as well.  Contact Deb or Rachel if you want a word doc version.

The word Challenge is everywhere. I think it is the new fitness buzzword; or is it? Think about a challenge you have recently faced that had nothing to do with fitness. Maybe you had a financial challenge or a challenge with your family. When you think of these types of challenges, what emotions or feelings do you experience? Anger, disappointment, discouragement, even sadness.  Now think about a positive challenge experience, maybe a hike that you have never done before, or learning something new, like playing the piano, or guitar.

The word Challenge can mean many things, and we would like you to embrace every challenge you may face with a positive attitude that you will overcome it.

That is why we hold the annual Gold’s Gym Challenge every year in January, so you can take on something that is probably the easiest challenge you will ever face. A challenge to be a better version of yourself. For those of you that have gone through the Gold’s Gym Challenge you may say to yourself, that wasn’t easy at all, I sacrificed so much to change myself. But think about how you know feel and look? Was it worth it? Did you give it your all, or did you not take it seriously? I will let you decide that for yourself.

I will say this – for those of you that took it seriously and really made changes to your habits and your lifestyle, GOOD for you!! That is why we created the GG Challenge in the first place. We wanted people to have a desire to truly improve themselves and make healthy habits a lifestyle they could enjoy forever. Yes, I did say enjoy. By enjoying this new lifestyle, I mean being able to live and be healthy and active enough to do whatever you want to do. So, going for a hike with friends is not out of the question. Learning to play a new instrument doesn’t feel like a taunting task. Having a family crisis or challenge, is a bit easier to deal with now that you have learned to sacrifice and make tough decisions.

You see, it’s not all about getting abs, or losing weight. It’s about being confident that you have control over what you do, and how you feel. Being able to say no when it really isn’t the best thing for you.

Being a better version of yourself takes practice and going through the Gold’s Gym Challenge is the best practice you can do. So, congratulations to all those who finished and made themselves better this year. And to those of you that want to have more control over your life, we will see you in January!

Dave Kenyon
Dave Kenyon
Gold’s Gym Challenge Chairman

About GGFA

The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association is the independent voice of the Gold's Gym franchisees.
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